The 9 Best Consignment Stores Near Me [2023 Complete Guide] (2023)

Are you looking for a last minute spot for fashionable clothes? Consignment stores are popular resale stores that sell all items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other household items at discounted prices.

They are also great places to sell or swap out clothes and accessories that you no longer need.💎💍👗

Just google or ask Alexa to find the "consignment stores near me" and set off to sell or get unique products at great prices.💵🤑

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What are consignment stores?🏬🏪

Consignment stores are resale locations that sell used items. The original owners receive a large portion of the resale price for their products sold in these stores. So you can walk in as a seller or buyer and find the best deals on apparel, clothes, shoes and other accessories.👞👠

While selling last year's merchandise or items you no longer need or wear won't make you a fortune overnight, you can still make good money from it. The only conditions for selling your items are:✅✅

  • Whatever you bring to sell should be clean👍
  • All items must be in good condition💯
  • Better bring things that are still in fashion👗👚
  • You must be over 18 years old🆔
  • Keep your ID or driver's license💳
  • Also, take receipts and certificates of authentication for the items you are selling

Once the store has reviewed and approved your items, you may be asked to sign a contract. In it you will find details like the percentage of the sale price that will be split between you and the store, the time of sale, if you want to donate it to charity if it doesn't sell within the deadline, etc.⏰

Thrift stores vs. consignment stores🤔🤔

Many people think that thrift stores and consignment stores are the same thing. However, both work on different business models, although their products may be the same. The main difference is that thrift stores receive all items as a charity or donation as opposed to the consignment stores where the owners sell them.🧦🧥

Therefore, of course, the conditions differ significantly. Second-hand items may be damaged, unclean, outdated, or fall under the lower-end brand category.👎🙅

In consignment shops, on the other hand, the products sold are in good condition (usually new) and are from well-known brands. Therefore, the prices (depending on the condition) are close to the selling prices of the products. 💲💲

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How do I shop at consignment stores?🤔🏬

Shopping at a consignment store is similar to shopping at a thrift store. You have to look around, really go to the store to find what you need.

So if you go into the store with certain ideas, such as if you want a cocktail dress, you may need to look carefully and often come back disappointed.😥😥

Then there is also the size issue that needs to be explored. You may not always find the right size. However, some stores are quite inclusive and stock all sizes to cater to their wide range of customers.👨‍🎨👱

Types of consignment warehouses🤔🤓

Like the other business models, consignment shops now have physical stores and an online presence.👨‍💻🧱

Check out the best and most famous online consignment stores first.👨‍💻👩‍💻

The best consignment shops near me – online🧐🧐

Consignment shops are common today; You'll likely find many of these if you look up:Consignment store near me.

However, instead of going to the stores, you can have the convenience of shopping/selling in online stores. 😀

Plus, if you live in a far-flung area where access to such stores can be difficult, online stores offer easy shopping and opportunities for everyone. Here are some of the best options to try and shop like you would at a brick-and-mortar consignment store.🤝🤝


Poshmarkis a luxury fashion consignment shop. The store can be accessed via an app (downloadable on Android, iOS and desktop PCs). The store lists upper and middle class branded clothing, shoes and bags.👠👛

The platform is easy to use, with filters and customizable options to search and sell your items.✅

How the platform works:

  • Take a good picture of your product📸
  • Post the picture with some details in the app👩‍💻
  • A fee is charged for each entry in the app as follows:💲💲
    • For a $15 product, the fee is $2.95
    • For a product over $15, the fee is 20%
  • When you receive an order for your product, all you have to do is stick on the shipping label that Poshmark sends you and ship it to the customer.📮


ThredUPis a world-renowned platform for buying and selling quality apparel and clothing for young and old. It also lists maternity, fashion and luxury fashion for women.⌚👜

All items listed here are affordable and good quality. Plus, get free shipping on products sold over $79. You can also find brands like J. Crew, Marc Jacobs, Gap, Kate Spade and Old Navy.👗👠

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If you have a lot of items to sell, ThredUp is the place for you. The world's largest consignment store stocks millions of products for women and children of all ages. All product prices are marked and fixed.🌎🏪

The company screens items through a 12-point screening process and places them on the sell list if they qualify. There are brands like Burberry and Giorgio Armani.😯😯

The website has a section at the top labeled “Clean Out”. Here you can order the cleaning kit that offers three options to list your products:👛✅

Accelerated Bag💼

With this option, thredUP deducts 16% of your earnings as soon as you sell your stuff. Payment is usually processed within a week.📆

Free Standard Bag🛍️

With this option, you send your stuff to thredUP instead. They will physically inspect and approve the items and return the rejected items. However, it may take up to three weeks to process the payment.

Free donation bag 💲✅

With this option, you can send anything you don't need or want to sell to thredUP. You sort them, then keep them and send them to charity.💲💲

3.Das RealReal🤔

EchtRealoffers exclusive home service, where the company sends people to your home to collect the items. You can also get a prepaid stamp for shipping your items.📤📩

The platform is fun, easy to use and not to mention reliable for selling any clothes, bags and other items online (provided they meet the conditions, of course). You can find items from brands like Tory Burch, Oscar de la Renta, Tiffany, Alexis Bittar, Donna Karan, Gucci, Cartier etc.👜👛

Best Consignment Stores - Physical🏬🏬

Despite the convenience, many people still prefer to visit and get a feel for the things they are buying. Therefore, they prefer to go to the physical outlets of these consignment stores. Here you can view the products, try them on and experience the actual shopping experience.🛍️🛒

We will continue our list of the best physical presence consignment stores.

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1.Once upon a time there was a child👦👧👧

This store has clothes, shoes, toys and other stuff for boys and girls between the ages of size zero and sixteen.Once upon a time there was a childalso accepts sellers who ship items from brands such as Gymboree, The Children's Place and Justice.

They also have a special rewards program for buyers. You will find many positive reviews for the store listing even the smallest sizes of baby clothes (for premature babies) that may have the lowest or almost the lowest prices on the market.🍼👼

2.Plato's closet👕👗

With over 500 shops,Plato's closetlists products for teenagers. You can find brands like lululemon, abercrombie, coach, fitch, etc. Although the place doesn't have dresses or business suits, it lists quite a lot of decent clothes for the guys just entering adulthood.👱‍♀️👧

Kids love shopping here for prom, Halloween and other events where they can find unique and stylish stuff at fair prices.

3.Crossroads Trading🚧🛤️

Whilecross tradeis not as well known as the other consignment stores but has a strong presence and frequency in cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA and Portland.

The store offers famous children's brands such as Urban Outfitters, Madewell and Anthropologie as well as high-quality branded clothing such as Prada, Christian Louboutin and Burberry.😮😮

You can also mail them your products instead of going there. Contact them on their websites and the company will send a bag and all the other details to ship the items. Once approved, you'll receive a mobile payment or credit, whichever you choose.

4.Buffalo swap🐃🐃

At you will find quality and affordable branded adult clothingbuffalo exchange. It has about 50 stores and stocks items from Levi's, Banana Republic, and Topshop. You can also find a lot of vintage stuff here.🧥👗

The best thing about this place is that you get 25% to 50% off the price of the items you sell the first day you visit the store. Instead of cash, you can also opt for credit which you can use to shop at Buffalo Exchange.💲💲

5. WasteLand💲💲

Wastelandis another place to walk everyday with the stuff you don't need or have outgrown for cash. Just show up with your stuff, let them take a look and quote the price. As simple as that.

Make sure the products you want to sell are clean, in perfect condition and of good quality.👍

Once the items have been selected, you will receive 35% of the price. You can usually get the best deals here with trendy or vintage items.🤑🤑

6.Beacon’s Closet🧐

Another great place to buy or sell vintage, everyday, designer, modern or any other clothing item you're looking to sell isBeacons Schrank.This place offers you the best prices in all of New York.💲👍

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They list clothing items like swimwear, tops, bottoms, dresses for women, shoes, jewelry, etc.👠👛

The stuff that doesn't sell or is rejected is also donated to charity by Beacon's Closet. They are indeed great supporters of humanitarian issues and give back to society. To date, Beacon's Closet has held numerous sales for various causes and generated many donations to charities.💲💲

new york worriesJunior league von Brooklyn, AndCooke Center Akademieare his three partners for these charities.

Other consignment stores you can find near you are:✅

  • let's go
  • cross trade
  • Trove Market
  • OfferUp
  • to be bought
  • Tradesy

Frequently Asked Questions🧐🤔

Still trying to figure out how to buy or sell at consignment stores? Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you.✅👍

What is the return policy of consignment stores?🤔

The return policy for the consignment stores may or may not be well defined. To avoid the hassle, be careful what you buy.💲💲

This is especially important when shopping online. For returns, you may need to ship the item back and also pay the shipping and restocking fee.💸💸

How much do consignment shops pay?💰💰

Each store has a different policy on how much they pay for items. The price depends on the type of item, condition and other factors. Usually you can count on 50% to 70% of the selling price. 💰💲

However, the product you bring with you must be in good condition, i. H. if it is not ironed or cleaned; you may have to pay for that too.💸💸

Which items sell best in consignment stores?🤔👛

Clothing, jewelry and other designer items such as bags and watches sell well in the consignment shops.👗💍

How much do consignment stores deduct as a fee?💲💸

Although the percentage varies by store, you can expect 20% to 40% of the sale price to be deducted as a fee. Some stores also offer a flat fee for cheap items.🥺🥺


Consignment stores offer the ultimate luxury shopping experience with multiple items available in one place. In addition, they are also great places to sell your clothes, watches, designer bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. Just make sure they are in mint condition and you can get solid money for it.💵💵

There are many consignment stores throughout the US (both online and physical outlets.)💲✅

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Search "consignment stores near me" and sell or buy quality items at the best prices.💲💵

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