The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (2023)

You want to earn money quickly without much effort? Usually that's a recipe for disaster. sell item toConsignment sledis a rare exception.

If you want to go beyond saving and actually earn somethingadditional income, it doesn't get much easier than selling to consignment stores.

Selling your clothes, furniture, or other items is easy, although it's not a get-rich-quick scheme. You won't make a lot of money selling to consignment stores, but you will make some extra money from items you would have donated. What's not to love about it?

In this article, we tell you about the best consignment stores in your area, including online stores.

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Why consignment shops?

Before we get to the list, let's talk about consignment deals. Also known as thrift stores, consignment stores buy used items from people and then resell those items. There are consignment stores for almost every item you can think of.

If you need to buy something, especially clothing for growing children, it's worth checking a local consignment store to see if it's available. Shopping at consignment stores will help in the long run if you trysave money wherever possible.

But this article is about selling your stuff. Why sell at a consignment store online or near you? First of all, a good decluttering is always good for your home and yourself. When you start looking in closets, bookshelves, and under beds, you'll find that you have a lot of things that you don't use (or don't want).

More importantly, consignment stores pay you for all types of used items in a variety of terms. Let's look at where you can sellearn some more money.


The 19 Best Online Consignment Stores

Did you know that you can find online consignment stores where you can sell your items quickly? Some focus on selling a few items (e.g. a store may be the best place to sell clothes), while others offer vintage or branded items.

Here is a list of 19 online consignment shops or apps to check out.

#1 Facebook Marketplace

Without these, it wouldn't be a legitimate listFacebook Marketplace, To the right? It's the ultimate municipal consignment deal. Literally half the world is on Facebook, so your ideal buyer is out there. You can sell anything, it's totally free for you to ship, and you have the option to sell locally or ship your items.

The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (1)

#2 Ebay

The second must-have online store isEbay. The e-commerce pillar has been around since 1995 and isn't slowing down. Millions of buyers use eBay every day, so it's a great place to list all the items you want to sell.

It costs you something to sell on eBay. They generally charge between 10-15% of full scale. Sell ​​a lot of stuff? Your first 250 listings each month are free, but thereafter there is an additional fee of $0.35 for each listing.

#3 Poshmark

Do you have luxury fashion clothing or handbags that you regret buying?Poshmarkis an easy and fun way to sell them. Self-proclaimed the largest social marketplace for fashion, Poshmark's app features a simple, clean interface so selling your quality clothing has never been easier.

#4 Decluttr

Everyone has old tech lying around, from cell phones to televisions to laptops.Decluttris the leading consignment shop for tech. They offer new sellers a simple approach. It all starts with a free valuation of your item so you know how much to list it for. Decluttr also offers free shipping on items you sell through their platform.

The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (2)

#5 ThredUp

ThredUpis an online consignment store specializing in quality second-hand clothing. If you are interested in sustainability, ThredUp might be the right place for you to sell (and buy!). Its mission is to help people shop with purpose and reject the throwaway culture. ThredUpseffect so faris impressive.

# 6 Kidizen

Kidzfocuses, as the name suggests, on the sale of carefully used children's fashion. You can create your own virtual shop. You don't want to afford this effort? You can work with Kidizen's sellers who will curate and list your items for you.

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#7 vintage

A community-oriented sales app,vinifiedsells clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

#8 Tradesy

Tradesyis another consignment store where you can sell your soft or unused high-end designer clothing. You earn up to 80% of your sales.

#9 Worthy

If you're looking to sell jewelry, be sure to stop byWorthy. Worthy is an online auction that brings you the best deals on your rings, necklaces, earrings and more.

The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (3)

#10 The Real Real

like Tradesy,The RealRealonly sells used designer fashion products. The cool thing about The RealReal is that they offer free virtual appointments with their staff and free shipping kits to help you price your items and get you started.

#11 OfferUp

Founded as a competitor to Craigslist,OfferUpis very similar to Facebook Marketplace in that you can sell (and buy) pretty much anything, both locally and by shipping your items. You can also communicate with potential buyers through their secure messaging platform.

#12 To action

obtainIis a Japan-based e-commerce company that lists pretty much every beloved item you can think of. They charge a flat 10% fee for each item they sell.

#13 Carousel

Based in Singapore,carouseladvertises that they sell "every thing for every type of person." It's easy to get started with the online sales tool. You can sell up to 30 items and create up to 10 listings for free.

#14 Refuge

Repackagedsells tested and certified luxury handbags. Your app can instantly recognize and rate bags from the world's top 50 luxury brands, taking the guesswork out of pricing your listing.

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The France basedSEE YOU AGAINhas a similar mission as ThredUp. ​​You can list your items directly on their website or make an appointment to meet with a Re-SEE buyer. An advantage of working with Re-SEE is that they can store and ship your items for you.

#16 Chairisch

Chairischis an upscale home decor consignment store where you can sell your chic and unique furniture. They have different seller memberships and you get 70-80% of the selling price.

The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (4)

#17 Depop

DepopAimed at the younger generation, it specializes in reselling one-of-a-kind fashion including sneakers and accessories.

#18 LePrix

LePrixis another designer fashion consignment shop. When you sign up to sell, you'll receive a free shipping package that includes a prepaid shipping label for your first sale.

#19 Collective locker room

Communal changing roomhas a community of 15 million users. So if you have unworn fashion treasures in your closet, this is the right place to list them. They have a unique chat feature that allows direct buyer-seller contact to negotiate the best price for a quick sale.

The 10 best consignment stores near me

You can't beat the convenience of selling your unused items online. But sometimes you just want to bring everything into a brick-and-mortar store and sell everything at once. If that's your goal, we're still here for you.

Here's a look at some of the best options in your area. All of these options are either regional or national chains, but they may not all be in or near your city. Do a quick search to find out which ones are near you. You might even find a store that isn't on this list!

#20 Plato's Cabinet

Plato's closetSells youth and youth clothing in very good condition. You have a helpful"What We Buy"page so you know exactly what you're getting paid for. Come by for a valuation of your objects without an appointment. They pay you cash on the spot. The next three stores are all owned by the same company that owns Plato's Closet, so they all have a very similar process for sellers.

#21 Once upon a time there was a child

Once upon a time there was a childis a second-hand children's clothing store. The store will inspect your items and quote you a price later the same day. Children's clothing can easily fray. Make sure everything you bring is in working condition with no holes, stretches or stains.

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#22 Play it sports again

Play it sports againsells new and used equipment for less. If you have sports equipment that you or a child has only used a few times, they will appreciate you and pay you cash immediately when you drop it off.

The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (5)

#23 style again

Still style focuses exclusively on women's fashion. Here you can sell well-preserved women's clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories. Not sure if your clothes match her style? They sell clothing from Anthropologie, Kohl's, Von Maur, Macy's, Nordstrom and more.

#24 CrossRoad-Training

crossing trainingis a consignment warehouse with locations on both coasts as well as in Chicago and Texas. They sell current, trendy clothes (Here is a listwhat they search). They also offer trade-in sales if you want to buy other items from their store.

#25 Buffalo Swap

founded in 1974,buffalo exchangeis a family owned consignment shop with 40 locations across the United States. They buy everything from everyday staples to clothing, vintage and one-offs. You must have a government-issued ID. You can get cash for your items, but getting store credit will get you the most money for your sale.

#26 Wasteland

Wasteland is a high-end second-hand fashion store that selectively curates its collections. So you can't bring your old weekend t-shirts there, but if you have current designer clothes in good condition, check them out. You make 35% of the marked retail price. You must also be 18 years of age to sell to Wasteland.

# 27 Beacons Schrank

Beacons Schrankbuys and sells vintage and modern clothing in and around New York City. Don't live in New York City but still have designer clothing you want to sell? Good news! You can get cash or credit towards your vintage or modern clothing by calling the shipping service"Pick it up."If you are approved to sell your items, Beacon's Closet will send you a prepaid shipping label. All you have to do is pack and mail your items. You will be paid via PayPal within 3-5 days once your items are received and approved.

#28 Awakened vintage

One more thing for you folks from New York City. There are threeVintage woke upShops in Brooklyn so if you have vintage clothing you need to check them out. The store is active on Instagram and people can even buy items there so your items can be easily seen by people across the country.

#29 Guitar Center

Did you knowguitar centerbuys and sells used instruments? Have you tried learning to play guitar or trumpet and haven't learned it since day one? Don't just let this instrument gather dust. They will have your gear appraised by an expert and give you a fair price. The first $1,000 you sell is paid in cash. Or get a trade-in credit and get 10% off something new.

The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022 (6)


There's a good chance you have things lying around your house that you no longer use or want. Selling these items will free up much-needed space. More importantly, selling to a consignment store also puts some money back in your bank account.

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Transporting your unused items to an online consignment store or a store near you requires little effort and is much easier than selling them individually or scheduling a flea market. The best part is that your wallet will be a little fuller and your space a lot emptier!

Once you start selling some of your stuff, you're well on your way to enjoying itlive frugally.

Why not get on with decluttering your closet and storage space and start selling today!


The 29 best consignment stores near me and online for sale in 2022? ›

The RealReal. The RealReal pays as much as 85% of the sale price of any item sold on consignment. The company deals primarily with high end designer items, including women's and men's fashion and accessories, men's sneakers, handbags, fine jewelry and watches, fine arts and home decor.

Which consignment store pays the most? ›

The RealReal. The RealReal pays as much as 85% of the sale price of any item sold on consignment. The company deals primarily with high end designer items, including women's and men's fashion and accessories, men's sneakers, handbags, fine jewelry and watches, fine arts and home decor.

What are the top consignment items? ›

What Items Sell Best on Consignment? Clothing is one of the top-selling items in an online consignment shop and includes women's, children's, and men's clothes. Jewelry and designer goods (including designer clothing) are also popular items.

How much do most consignment stores charge? ›

Consignment shops typically take a 40% commission, which is considered a 60/40 split. 40/60 or 50/50 split is also appropriate, depending on the products you're selling and the type of consignment shop you're selling through.

How do you negotiate a consignment store? ›

Let's say you found a couch you love, but it's priced at $2,000. You can offer to pay $1,500, and the store might agree to your offer. However, if they don't, you can ask if they're willing to lower the price by 10% or 20%. You should be willing to negotiate to ensure you get your money's worth.

How to price clothes to sell online? ›

Expert clothing resellers advise pricing second-hand fashion items at an excellent price-quality ratio. On average, pre-loved clothes sell for between 30% and 40% of their original retail price. As a rule of thumb, price your used garments for a third of new similar items cost.

What is a consignment limit? ›

More Definitions of Consignment Limit

Consignment Limit means the maximum amount which the Insurers will pay in respect of Property despatched or received under one consignment note.

What percentage should I take for consignment? ›

So what is a fair consignment percentage split in today's market? Most trade analysts agree that a 60:40 split in favour of the consignor is fair. This means that the owner or maker receives 60% of each item's selling price, while the consignment shop gets 40%.

How do you calculate consignment price? ›

The One-Third Rule of Consignment Pricing

To establish a base price, we start with 1/3 of the item's original retail price, then add or subtract 10% for details that affect the item's desirability (wear, color, styling, etc.). You may need to adjust your base price ratio depending on the type of goods you sell.

What are the disadvantages of buying on consignment? ›

Disadvantages of Consignment Sales

Risk and ownership are retained and any unsold goods are returned at no cost to the consignee. Goods on consignment may not be given enough promotion or visibility by consignees.

What is a typical consignment arrangement? ›

A consignment agreement is a contract that places an item the consignor (or owner) owns with the consignee (or seller) for the consignee to sell. The consignee often takes a commission or fee and then the remainder of the sale price is paid to the consignor.

What is the average profit of a consignment store? ›

On average, consignment stores can make anywhere from 10 percent to 40 percent of the selling price in net income. Other factors affecting the profitability of consignment shops may include the amount of time and effort spent researching, pricing, displaying, and selling items.

What are the 4 types of consignment? ›

This kind of arrangement is called Consignment.
  • Definition. The contract or an agreement of sending several goods by the producers or manufacturers of a place to their agents for the sale is known as a consignment. ...
  • Types of Consignment. ...
  • Outward Consignment. ...
  • Inward Consignment. ...
  • Consignment Processing. ...
  • Sale. ...
  • Features of a Sale.

Is consignment risky? ›

Consignment inventory models can be risky for suppliers because they do not receive payment until retailers sell their inventory. An important benefit, however, is the ability of the supplier to place their product in front of a larger number of prospective customers.

Where is the best place to sell clothes fast? ›

  • The best sites to sell clothes online. ...
  • Best for brand variety: Poshmark. ...
  • Best for high-end and designer brands: Tradesy/Vestiaire Collective. ...
  • Best for designer and luxury goods consignment: The RealReal. ...
  • Best for clothing, beauty products, and household goods: Mercari. ...
  • Best for an easy process: thredUP.
Apr 3, 2023

How do I get rid of a lot of old clothes? ›

Drop off your unwanted items at recycling points and clothing and textile banks in supermarket and local car parks – find your nearest below. Donate items to registered charities and re-use organisations - some, such as The British Heart Foundation, offer a free collection service from your home.

What type of clothes sell the most? ›

Apparel and accessories
  • Premium t-shirts. T-shirts are a clothing staple that's found its way into pretty much every wardrobe and can be designed to fit any niche. ...
  • Embroidered apparel. Embroidery elevates any garment in an instant. ...
  • Eco-friendly products. ...
  • Patches. ...
  • Oversized apparel. ...
  • Sportswear. ...
  • Shoes and slides. ...
  • Hats.

How much can you make selling used clothes online? ›

When your items sell, thredUP will pay you on consignment, meaning you'll earn a percentage of the item's sale price. Percentages can range from 5% to 80%. You'll earn 5% on items that sell for $5 to $19.99, for example, but 80% for items that sell for $200 or more.

How long does it take to sell on consignment? ›

Some items may sell within hours of being listed and fly off the shelf! However, other items may take weeks to sell. On average, handbags sell between 2 weeks to 2 months from the time it is listed for sale on FASHIONPHILE.

What is a true consignment? ›

In a true consignment, the consignor transfers possession to the consignee, but retains title. However, in a sale-or-return transaction, title is transferred to the buyer upon delivery, but the buyer has a contractual right to return the goods.

Why is consignment not a sale? ›

In the case of consignment, the consignee is the agent and the consignor is the principal. In case of a sale, the ownership of goods is transferred immediately to the purchaser. In consignment, ownership is not transferred to the consignee. He works entirely on behalf of the consignor.

What is the difference between resale and consignment? ›

The basic difference between Resale and Consignment is that with RESALE, we offer to purchase your items outright; whereas with CONSIGNMENT we attempt to sell the items on your behalf and you receive a percentage of the sale price, only after the items have sold.

Who pays for consignment? ›

The consignee takes care of the goods and sells them. Until the goods are sold, the consignor does not lose ownership of the goods. After the sale, the consignee pays the consignor a certain amount of sale proceeds. The consignor is generally responsible for the freight charges for the shipment of the goods.

Is consignment more expensive than thrift? ›

Consignment stores tend to be more expensive than thrift stores. It is true that there are exceptions, of course. Generally speaking; however, thrift stores can afford to sell their merchandise at a lower price than consignment shops because they don't pay for their items and simply take donations.

What is 33.1 3 on cost? ›

Answers. It will be 25% as 33 1/3 on cost means 25% on invoice price.

What is an example of a consignment sale? ›

Examples of goods often sold on consignment include light bulbs, produce, eggs, poultry, magazines, newspapers, Christmas decorations, garden seeds, batteries for flashlights and potted plants such as those found in supermarkets.

What is consignment cost price? ›

In Consignment accounting, by invoice price we mean a price that is used in the invoice sent to the consignee, which includes an element of profit in it. Invoice Price. > Cost Price. = Cost Price + Profit. The addition to the cost price to make up the invoice price is called profit or profit loading or loading.

What are the pros and cons of consignment? ›

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consignment inventory?
  • Minimal financial risk. ...
  • Potential for more sales. ...
  • Higher carrying costs or holding costs. ...
  • Increased complexity with inventory management. ...
  • Product visibility. ...
  • Ability to test unproven products. ...
  • Higher upfront costs. ...
  • Potential for revenue loss.
Oct 18, 2022

What is the problem with consignment? ›

The risk of loss and damage to inventory from theft, fire, and natural disasters is very real to any consignment business—and this risk applies to both the consignee and the consignor. Ultimately the consignee is financially responsible for the consigned goods once the consignee has taken possession from the consignor.

What is the first step of delivery of the consignment? ›

The first step in consignment happens when the consignor and consignee enter into an agreement of consignment. The consignee agrees to accept possession of goods from the consignor. They agree upon terms of their agreement and the commission payable in this step.

What are the steps involved in consignment? ›

The consignment procedure
  • Customer plans supply. The customer plans the component supply required for production. ...
  • Supplier commits to supply plan. ...
  • Customer sends call-off. ...
  • Supplier replenishes the customer's stock. ...
  • Supplier sends invoice to customer. ...
  • Customer issues stock. ...
  • Customer pays supplier.

What is an example of a consignor? ›

The person who ships the goods is the consignor (exporter), while the receiver is the consignee (importer). For example, when an artist arranges with an art gallery to sell his paintings to a third party, the artist becomes the consignor, and the latter becomes the consignee.

Is thrifting and reselling profitable? ›

Hundreds of stores are reselling all kinds of items. In addition to flipping thrift stores as a side hustle, many people consider it a fun one. Flipping thrift stores is a great way to earn money for your finances, pay off debt, and fund hobbies. Flipping can be lucrative if you're patient and do some research.

How do you profit from consignment? ›

Consignment shops provide a way for a store to sell clothes and accessories for you. As the seller, you bring your clothes to the shop and the owner decides how much each piece is worth and prices it accordingly. When and if a customer buys the clothing, the seller and the owner of the shop will each get a profit.

How big is the consignment market? ›

According to Statista, “In 2021, the global market value of secondhand and resale apparel was estimated to be worth $96 billion U.S. dollars.”

Is there another company like thredUP? ›

thredUP's top competitors include Poshmark, Treet, and Recurate. Poshmark (NASDAQ: POSH) is a social marketplace that offers a social e-commerce marketplace. It also offers clothing and other accessories for men, women, kids, and hom…

What is consignment stock valued at? ›

Consignment Stock is valued at Cost of Net Realisable value, whichever is higher.

What are the best selling brands on thredUP? ›

Top 10 Popular Clothing Brands on thredUP
  1. J. Crew. ...
  2. Banana Republic. Banana Republic is like a friend who is game to do anything and go anywhere with you. ...
  3. Ann Taylor LOFT. ...
  4. Lululemon Athletica. ...
  5. American Eagle Outfitters. ...
  6. Madewell. ...
  7. Free People. ...
Apr 25, 2018

Is stuff from thredUP washed? ›

When ThredUP sorts clothes, they have a checklist of things they look for, so as a buyer here's what you can expect, supposedly. Clean, freshly washed (ThredUp doesn't wash, but they supposedly only take clean clothes).

Who is Poshmark's biggest competitor? ›

eBay. eBay is an e-commerce giant offering various items such as electronics, home decor, clothing, and many other products. The platform works similarly to Poshmark in that sellers keep all their products on hand until a buyer is interested in purchasing them.

What are the disadvantages of consignment selling? ›

Disadvantages of Consignment Sales
  • Receives less revenue than selling directly to end-users (the use of a consignee reduces the amount of revenue earned)
  • Risk and ownership are retained and any unsold goods are returned at no cost to the consignee.
Dec 11, 2022

What sells the most in thrift stores? ›

Clothing. Clothing is an item that sells best in thrift stores. Accounting for 31.8 percent of industry revenue, clothing is the largest revenue generator in the Thrift Stores industry, according to IBISWorld. Instead of paying higher retail prices, many people are switching to thrift stores for their clothing needs.

How do you make the most money thrifting? ›

How to Make Money Thrifting
  1. Don't Try to Do it All. Don't try to know everything about every type of object when you are thrift store shopping. Try to focus on an area, theme, or type of object as you shop for resale. ...
  2. Don't Overclean. So, let's jump ahead. ...
  3. Don't Limit Your Market.


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