The 10 biggest digital marketing trends to watch in 2023 | LocaliQ (2023)

There's an old saying that brides wishing happiness on their wedding days should wear "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue."

Ditto for digital marketing in 2023 — except maybe for something blue.

This year, we'll continue to see familiar themes like user experience, personalization, data, automation, and video, while new trends -- like blockchain security and metaverse marketing -- gain momentum.

So what exactly are the top digital marketing trends that you need to know as we head into the new year? We asked 22 experts to share their predictions and insights. Here's what they had to say.

The 10 biggest digital marketing trends to watch in 2023 | LocaliQ (1)

The 10 biggest digital marketing trends of 2023

Use these insights and trend predictions from marketers to inform your strategy this year.

1. Zero and First Party Data

marketing withoutThird party cookieswill also be in the foreground in the new year.

According to Jenelle Fulton-Brown, digital marketing consultant atVPN-ReactorFinding solutions for cookie-free advertising will “shift up a gear” in 2023.

"A recent study showed that while 95% of advertisers are committed to finding a solution for a cookie-free future, only 20% have started implementing a solution," she added. "These numbers will shift in favor of the search for solutions [in 2023] as privacy and personal data restrictions increase as cookies are very much in the line of fire."

This of course also includesCollecting First Party Datato "minimise the pain of losing third-party cookies and maintain their CPMs and hyper-targeted ads," said Fernando Lopez, director of marketing atcircuit.

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To offerpersonalizationWithout third-party cookies, marketers have to get creative too.

"We'll see moreNewsletter, forums and gated content as marketers look to pull first-party data from users and rebuild their marketing strategies,” added Lopez.

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However, this also includes zero-party data or data that customers disclose via sources such as surveys.

2. Blockchain Security

Also, expect to seeBlockchain Technologyused to secure and verify data, said Kate Smith, director of marketing

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Indeed, Stacey Kane, Director of Business DevelopmentEasyMerchant, said blockchain could “revolutionize how brands store and share customer data.”

That's because marketers can leverage blockchain as an open-source resource for managing customer information across channels, rather than using centralized databases that are prone to hacks or siled systems that can only be accessed within specific organizations.

"Blockchain technology is likely to revolutionize the way we do business online by creating new ways for businesses to securely share data without third-party interference or censorship issues," added Toby Dao, marketing specialist atThe Tiger.

3. Blockchain-Marketing

Beyond securing data (and trading cryptocurrencies, of course), Jonathan Merry, co-founder ofcryptomonday, sees potential for blockchain in marketing in 2023.

"One example of how blockchain can impact marketing is that it can completely change the way ad campaigns work," he said. "People can sign up for rewards programs where they receive digital currency in exchange for viewing ads."

In other words, "Rather than paying for ad space, [brands] can pass that money on to their customers and turn them into lifetime brand ambassadors," Merry added.

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Another advantage of the blockchain: transparency. That's because customers can track the entire supply chain, including suppliers, and whether they're being paid fairly.

"As people are much more aware of the brands they support, this level of transparency can provide a competitive advantage," Merry said. "It gives people a clearer picture of how your company does business and allows them to better assess whether their values ​​align with yours."

4. Video Content

Videos have become increasingly popular in recent history, and 2023 will be no exception. In fact, tech giant Cisco estimates that video traffic is to blame82%of all internet traffic in 2022.

And according to Luke Fitzpatrick, Marketing Officer, Cisco also found that videos are 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings than othersSEO(Search Engine Optimization) – and 84% of consumers were convinced to buy a product after watching a video.

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"It's a more personalized way of connecting that builds trust so much faster than text [or] graphics, and it's also a better way to gain traction on social media," said Cortney Galster, owner of the digital marketing agencyStrengthen.

Mike Hinckley, Director of Marketing atGrowth capital interview guide, recommends brands start by analyzing data to determine when and where their audience is online — and then taking them to the next phase of thesales funnelwith customized videos and advertising.

5. Short Form Videos

This video content includes short videos on platforms such asTick ​​Thank you, which has "so many niche categories...we're doubling on TikTok and surpassing Instagram in 2023 in terms of engaged audiences and conversions," Galster added.

Alongside Instagram and Facebook Reels is Georges Fallah, Marketing Manager atVBAUS, also recommends YouTube Shorts to improve organic reach and gain email subscribers.

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These short videos can go a long wayincrease engagementonline and help businesses reach new audiences.

6. Livestreaming

Speaking of videos, live content will continue to dominate the social landscape. According to Bram Jansen, co-founder ofVPNAlarmmobile users spent 548 billion hours streaming content in 2021.

"Marketers are trying different ways to leverage live streaming across channels like TikTok, Instagram and Amazon Live - and they're seeing some significant results," said Maximilian Wühr, CGO ofFINN.

“Influencers and marketers see the power in speaking, engaging and even selling products during a content stream.When it seems impossible to keep users' attention, live streaming is one of the only solutions to attract customers long enough to convert.”

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In return, he expects more live streaming options — and streaming platforms — in 2023.

7. Social Trading

In general, expect social platforms to continue to merge with commerce in the new year. with4.59 billionConsumers on social media estimate there is a huge potential audience for brands and marketers.

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Chad Price, CEO of, pointed to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that have made it easy for users to buy products directly from brands.

Additionally, TikTok has launched influencer marketing features like hisCreator Marketplace, which allows brands to find influencers that align with their products and interests, said Anahit Manukyan, a digital marketing strategist at55Makler.

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“This trend will continue as social media platforms are increasingly integrated with e-commerce features such as tools that allow businesses to showcase their products directly on these websites, rather than having an external website that visitors go to afterwards have to look for,” added Chris Muller. Vice President ofmoney under 30.

8. AR/VR

In another well-known trend, brands will continue to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to help consumers try out their products - and of course to improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

Per Ashish Goswami, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst beiKrish Technolabs, 83 million US consumers use AR once a month – and that number is expected to grow to 95 million by 2023.

"People expect to have access to information and products on demand, whether they're shopping on Amazon or browsing Instagram," said Chris Wainwright, director of marketing atOn the floor. "Expect companies to use augmented reality to help customers find what they need, when they need it, by placing virtual items in real-world locations."

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OnexampleIKEA's VR experience that lets you see how their furniture would look in your home.

In addition, AR offers a more personalized and immersive advertising experience, said Claire Jarrett, founder ofClaire

“Lockdowns have already shown us how the digital world offers companies opportunities to deliver a great customer experience without being physically present – ​​while keeping consumers connected with the brand,” she said. "So AR will definitely be a big factor in 2023."

9. AI Content Generation

As artificial intelligence (AI) improves and helps marketers do their jobs better, we can also expect to see moreAI-based content generation, including text and images.

“Marketers can save time by creating different content for emails,home pages, blogs and ads while improving their personalization strategies and getting more conversions,” Fallah said. "AI has gone even further to generate realistic and original images based on text descriptions."

Adam Binder, Founder of Digital Marketing AgencyCreative click media, noted that these AI image generators use text prompts to create images that cannot be found in standard galleries and that would be difficult to recreate with photography.

"This AI technology even allows users to choose the style of their image — like realism, cartoon, or 3D — to provide your business with unique, tailored content that reflects your branding," he said. "AI imaging technology is still in its early stages of development, but it will become more beneficial to companies across all industries as its capabilities continue to expand in the new year."

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An example of an AI generated imagecanvas.

Also, Jen Jones, a dog trainer who runs the siteYour canine advisor, noted that AI can be used to distribute content.

"Not only does this save the user time, but the AI ​​can create text on any topic without ever running out of ideas," she says. "This is an evolving area that has the potential to transform the way content is created and consumed."

If you decide to use AI content generation, pay close attention to the output to ensure your content is relevant and communicates your marketing message clearly. While AI content generation is a helpful place to start, it's still not a complete replacement for reality (people!).

10. You give the Metaverse

In 2022, companies like Adidas, Coca-Cola and Gucci experimented in the metaverse, which will continue in 2023 as more brands realize their potential.

Alex Uriarte, a personal injury attorney in the1-800 injurednetwork, denotes theMetaverseas an “unexplored digital realm where anything is possible”.

According to Fallah, virtual real estate revenue is projected to grow to $3.6 million by 2025.

"Companies can use their digital assets to promote their products, organize virtual product launches and create a unique customer experience," he said. "Another way marketers can leverage the metaverse space is through native advertising, such as billboards on a virtual street or product placement."

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Onexampleof native advertising in the Metaverse.

In a related note,NFTs (non-fungible tokens)will extend its utility from "cool art" to tickets for gated content or events.

"The possibilities here are endless, especially in the broader context of creating 'digital passports' for things like travel," said Geoff Parker, Managing Director ofBlue Ocean Media.

“Finally, NFTs have continued to add functionality, such as B. Fractional ownership of assets and passive income through ownership. Again, this model can be extended to other similar industries such as corporate structures, real estate investing and venture capitalism.”

What Do These Digital Marketing Trends Mean For Small Businesses?

Technology makes it much easier for smaller businesses to embrace emerging trends and stay ahead of the curve. But as with any trend, it's important to weigh your options and analyze which trends could have the biggest impact on your marketing in 2023. Think about your overall scoregoals and objectivesand determine which of these trends could stack well with your existing strategy to help you achieve those goals.

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For example, if building your audience on social media is a goal for your business in 2023, you can try and grow short videos on sites like TikTok andSnapchat, and try live streaming. ifincrease salesis a top priority for your products, then you can look into AR or VR technology to let your customers experience your product in the comfort of their own home.

It's important to stay on top of trends so you can anticipate customer behavior and help your business stand out. Use these digital marketing trends for 2023 to help your business get on its feet and start the year strong 💪

2023 digital marketing trends to watch:

  1. Zero and First Party Data
  2. Blockchain security
  3. Blockchain-Marketing
  4. video content
  5. Videos in short form
  6. Live-Streaming
  7. social trading
  8. AR/VR
  9. Generation of AI content
  10. You give the Metaverse


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