Drug Detox Kits: Do They Really Work? (2023)

Drug addiction gets in the way of everyday life, and for a variety of reasons, an addict may choose to detox. While they can opt for medical detox at professional centers, independent sellers also advertise detox kits to flush the drug out of the system.

This article discusses these kits, what they contain, and what they are used for.Are Detox Kits Legal to Use Before a Drug Test?This will answer all of those questions and more.

Was sind Detox-Kits?

A drug detox kit is a product sold to detox or clean the system of drugs intended for home use. They may also be marketed as cleansing or full body detox packages.

A detox cleansing kit usually includes a pill or liquid for the person to drinkadvertised to rid the body of a specific substance.

THC and marijuana detox kits are perhaps the most popular on the market. A full body detox kit is usually available online or in pharmacies and other stores.

Components of a detox kit

A detox cleansing kit is usually sold as either a pill or a pilldetox drinkthat contains numerous ingredients that are advertised as having the ability to speed up the removal of a particular substance from the system.

The ingredients may vary depending on the kit. In many cases, howeverThey contain a combination of herbs, plants, vitamins and minerals.This can include ingredients like guarana, green tea, aloe vera, ginger root, vitamin B, and vitamin C, all designed to convince the user that the product is actually flushing toxins away.

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While none of the big drug companies are involved in manufacturing, some manufacturers make detox kits and include at-home drug testing kits to use after the detox period.

Use of detox kits

When individuals purchase these kits that target specific drugs such as B. a THC detox kit or a weed detox kit, they hope these products will help them flush their system of a specific substance. However, some people can use the drug to quickly detox before a urine drug test.It shouldn't be the goal of using a kit or detoxing in general.

With that in mind, the intended use of any of these kits is to perform a home detox rather than a medicinal detox. For example, a person struggling with an addiction will buy a full body detox kit as a cheaper alternative to a professionaldetox center.

While a kit may contain many natural ingredients that typically do no harm,There is no better optionmedical detox.The withdrawal period addicts can go through when abstaining from a drug is uncomfortable and in many cases can be dangerous, a risk that is mitigated if superviseddrug-assisted detoxification.

The legality of using a detox cleansing kit before a drug test

It's a sad reality that many people who buy these kits do so to pass a drug test that may be due in a few days. Unfortunately, once they pass their urine test, they tend to have no intention of stopping the drug they are abusing and simply want to use a detox kit to cheat.

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While this is why many buy these kits, many people just want to use them as part of itDetox at home, and some companies recognize this. As a result, it's easy to see two different types of kits on the market today. Some come from manufacturers who claim that their product only temporarily cleanses the bodyillegal substancesfor about a day or two to clarify that these are only meant to cheat tests.

While there is little regulation in the manufacture of detox kits and using these products to detox at home is not illegal,Using any of these kits to bluff a drug screening test is illegal, depending on the state.

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About 15 statesThere are already laws in place that punish cheating on a drug test with either a fine or jail time. These states includeVirginiaAndFlorida. The risks of continued abuse of a drug coupled with the legal ramifications of cheating on a drug test show that the best way to pass a drug test is to choose to give up the drug altogether. Using a kit is not worth the potential time in prison.

Dangers of detox kits

There are many dangers that should be made known to anyone thinking of using these products. The threats come from two angles: the first is the use of the kit itself, which may contain substances that can be harmful to the body, and the second is the dangers of the home detox itself.

ACase report from 2011discussed a man who suffered a psychotic episode after using a cannabis detox kit despite no family history of psychiatric disorders. Additionally, several of the ingredients listed on the specific weed detox kit have been shown to cause liver dysfunction, which was something he featured considering he had abnormal levels of liver enzymes upon ingestion.

It clearly shows thatThere is a risk of blindly consuming these kits.Although manufacturers try to present the components as all-natural, which they usually are, that doesn't necessarily mean they're safe to consume in all doses. As this case shows, there is a risk of allergic reactions, hepatotoxicity and rare complications such as psychosis.

The dangers of attempting to detox at home with something like a THC detox kit should not be underestimated.Depending on the severity of the addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can potentially be fatal and such eventualities must be treated in a competent center.

If withdrawal symptoms become severe enough, an addict is likely to relapse very severely, which is a situation that can be controlled in a professional center. Unfortunately, in many cases, this type of relapse can lead to an overdose.It makes it clear that a detox kit does not serve as a cure for addiction because unlike a , it does not provide a way to stop drug usetreatment program.

Detox kits vs. medical detox

For many people, the idea of ​​using a weed detox kit at home is much more accessible than a medical detox because they can do it in the comfort of their own home and at a fraction of the cost.

However, the truth isthey don't solve the problem that is a substance use disorder, and only offer the addict a way to avoid the consequences of their addiction by cheating drug screenings. With the dangers of using these kits without a thorough knowledge of their ingredients and dosages, they are not worth the supposed benefits.

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Medical detox provides a safe environment for the withdrawal experience, with trained staff available to oversee the patient in the event of complications. In addition, medication is administered to shorten the waiting time. In most cases, medical detoxification can be fully appliedeliminate withdrawal symptoms.

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The correct procedure for treating adrug addictionis toundergo supervised medical detoxification followed by an appropriate rehabilitation program.The only way to be sure of passing a drug test every time is to simply not use a drug.

Pass a drug test by beating drug addiction

Using an at-home THC detox kit will not put an addict on the road to recovery.It's just a dangerous, temporary, and potentially ineffective substitute for proper medical detoxification.It is important for the person dealing with addiction to realize that even with a successful home detox, there is still a lot of psychological work to be doneprevent relapseand prepare the person for a drug-free life.

The only guaranteed way to pass a drug test isbeat an addiction completely. The best way to do this is with a medical detox,IV therapy detoxand then vocational rehabilitation. With a determination to do better and move beyond addiction, recovery is one step closer.

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Released: November 1, 2021

Updated on: December 9, 2022

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